In The Heights - First 8 Minutes

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The creator of “Hamilton” and the director of “Crazy Rich Asians” invite you to a cinematic event, where the streets are made of music and little dreams become big... “In the Heights.”

Lights up on Washington Heights...The scent of a cafecito caliente hangs in the air just outside of the 181st Street subway stop, where a kaleidoscope of dreams rallies this vibrant and tight-knit community. At the intersection of it all is the likeable, magnetic bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), who saves every penny from his daily grind as he hopes, imagines and sings about a better life.

“In the Heights” fuses Lin-Manuel Miranda’s kinetic music and lyrics with director Jon M. Chu’s lively and authentic eye for storytelling to capture a world very much of its place, but universal in its experience.

“In the Heights” stars Anthony Ramos (“A Star is Born,” Broadway’s “Hamilton”), Corey Hawkins (“Straight Outta Compton,” “BlacKkKlansman”), singer/songwriter Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera (TV’s “Vida”), Olga Merediz (Broadway’s “In the Heights”), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Broadway’s “Rent”), Gregory Diaz IV (Broadway’s “Matilda the Musical”), Stephanie Beatriz (TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Dascha Polanco (TV’s “Orange is the New Black”) and Jimmy Smits (the “Star Wars” films).

Chu directed the film from a screenplay by Quiara Alegría Hudes, based on the musical stage play, music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, book by Quiara Alegría Hudes and concept by Miranda. Miranda, Hudes, Scott Sanders, Anthony Bregman and Mara Jacobs produced the film, with David Nicksay and Kevin McCormick serving as executive producers.

Behind the camera, Chu reunited with his “Crazy Rich Asians” production designer, Nelson Coates, and editor, Myron Kerstein. He also collaborated with director of photography Alice Brooks (TV’s “The Walking Dead”) and costume designer Mitchell Travers (“Eighth Grade”). Original songs by Miranda. Alex Lacamoire (“Fosse/Verdon”) and Bill Sherman (“Sesame Street”) served as executive music producers. The choreography is by Christopher Scott, who previously teamed with Chu on the award-winning “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.”
“In the Heights” was filmed in New York, primarily on location in the dynamic community of Washington Heights.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a 5000 Broadway / Barrio Grrrl! / Likely Story / SGS Pictures Production, A Jon M. Chu Film, “In the Heights.” Slated to open on June 10, 2021 in theaters and on HBO Max, the film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. It will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release.

“In the Heights” is rated PG-13 for some language and suggestive references.


  1. Angela Prajogo

    Angela Prajogo

    15 minutes ago

    Spot the cameraman at 8:15

    • Gaby Prajogo

      Gaby Prajogo

      12 minutes ago

      Spotted them

  2. André Berlin

    André Berlin

    28 minutes ago

    Using the sounds of things in the streets and rooms to start the music and doing it so visual poetically is such joy to watch and listen to. It's not my style of music and not even my genre. But this seems to be a masterpiece. Wow.

  3. Rio The Queer Wizard

    Rio The Queer Wizard

    46 minutes ago


  4. Lisa Groce

    Lisa Groce

    Hour ago

    I wanna watch this movie so bad but I’m 11 and it’s pg13 🥲🥲

  5. drumming drizzle

    drumming drizzle

    Hour ago


  6. Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez

    Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez

    Hour ago

    Man cuca prettier than Vanessa wtf is my man thinking??

  7. divaabsoluta


    Hour ago

    I live in Sweden and I cant't wait to see this. Lin-Manuel Miranda u da MAN!

  8. 20 21

    20 21

    2 hours ago

    It's funny that Anthony Ramos plays Dominican when in real life he is Puerto Rican and Leslie Grace plays Puerto Rican when she is really Dominican. To be honest Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are like distant cousins because the islands are close by.

  9. Rose K.

    Rose K.

    2 hours ago

    Saw it yesterday. Loved it! As a native New Yorker ( Brooklyn, not WH) it felt authentic and so fun! I didn't see the OG Broadway show ( some of my family did though), but this musical was awesome!

  10. Barra Blouso

    Barra Blouso

    2 hours ago

    English: Perfect Movie Dubbing for other languages: OH SH#@

  11. Steven Agood

    Steven Agood

    2 hours ago

    WB always hypes their first 8 minutes. I fell asleep in the middle of movie 😳😬

  12. Kiapet 2

    Kiapet 2

    2 hours ago

    I forget who it was, but I remember a video on movie musicals that talked about how they almost never have characters address the audience, even though that's a common thing in theater, for the sake of "realism" or whatever, and it ends up with some really awkward workarounds. Meanwhile this movie has Usnavi say "Hey, Good Morning" directly to the camera. Good for them

  13. Keelie Howell

    Keelie Howell

    3 hours ago

    This is my favorite musical and I CAN'T WAIT to see it! Not sure when I'll get the chance to, but I was smiling this entire video. I LOVE this Vanessa and Benny's voices so far.

  14. kayla jackson

    kayla jackson

    3 hours ago

    It’s giving Hamilton 2.0

  15. 20 21

    20 21

    3 hours ago

    My favorite part is the song... "We are powerless" and it's not the meaning for electric is out but more as a people. We work hard to still be powerless. We need more fireworks in the sky. We need more women and men who are Hispanic that strive for our community. Because those people end up becoming fireworks. Celia Cruz Sonia Sotomayor etc are fireworks. But we need MORRRRREEEEE we are powerless to the youth to give them role models on how to become great men and women for the community. We all have a PART in this world and we need to play our part. The actress that played the grandmother ( Olga Merediz ) had me ballin in tears doe. She resembles every Abuela in our Hispanic community. And how we take care of our familia is demonstrated in this movie. Even from her painful walk and going up the steps... Dawg I felt her pain after a days work. Plantar fasciitis, yeah I felt that.

  16. Sung Kyung Park

    Sung Kyung Park

    3 hours ago

    I have a 8 month old baby. Tonight me and my husband went to our first movie night after the baby because I HAD TO WATCH THIS MOVIE IN THE THEATER, and it was so worth it!! 2007, I came to US as a international student from Korea, my first spring break I visited NY. I watched this musical by accident (My friend and I wanted to see Lion King but it was too expensive and sold out) and it became MY LIFE MUSICAL!!! Even though I didn’t understand what the actors saying due to my poor Eng then, I became a big fan. And 13 years later, the movie came out, for 2hr 23min my heart was overflowing and full with joy and tears. This time I understood most of the words and lyrics and realized it's not just about music, dance and love stories. It's about the immigrants who works so hard for their dream, but still discriminated against. It's such a story like my husband's parents and himself had been through. I raise my thumbs up with Respect to all the immigrants especially Latinos. I hope that many people will watch this movie and will have a same heart as I do. Rise Up, Voice Up! Since when are we scared of heat?? 🙌🇩🇴🇨🇺🇵🇷🇰🇷



    3 hours ago

    Loved it. Great musical flix

  18. AyeItsMike


    3 hours ago

    *Only reason I'm watching this movie is because I relate to the main character, never saw the musical, or anything related to it*

    • pauline truong

      pauline truong

      16 minutes ago

      You’ll have great time :)

  19. AyeItsMike


    3 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of Hamilton, I've never watched, read, or heard Hamilton, I don't know any actors I'm this movie, but I desperately want to watch this movie, even though I never heard any of the songs, and I don't watch musicals.

  20. S. M.

    S. M.

    3 hours ago

    "okay must be a lucky day" me: wait a second thats new

  21. Darren Scott

    Darren Scott

    4 hours ago

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  22. Jessica Carter

    Jessica Carter

    4 hours ago

    I’m learning every word to all the songs

  23. Rosana Maris Arias

    Rosana Maris Arias

    4 hours ago

    What type of dance is the closing of this number, where the streets are filled? Thanks!

    • Gd1982


      Hour ago

      Salsa ..

  24. Gabriel's Vision

    Gabriel's Vision

    5 hours ago

    Love this movie 🍿

  25. Alexander Proulx

    Alexander Proulx

    5 hours ago

    Personally, I dont like the casting for the salon ladies or nina, they just rub me the wrong way, for nina it's most the singing voice

  26. _A Moo Point_

    _A Moo Point_

    5 hours ago

    Watched it. Sooo good!

  27. dessi wilson

    dessi wilson

    5 hours ago

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  28. Danielle N. McCullough Productions

    Danielle N. McCullough Productions

    6 hours ago

    I worked as an extra during this opening scene and I was so happy to be booked to work it.

  29. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    6 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate the part where Sonny is in love with that chocolate in the background.

  30. Vitória Cristina Krause Noronha

    Vitória Cristina Krause Noronha

    6 hours ago

    "i've never been north of 96th street" girl, i've never been north of the Equator line........

  31. Sharpy


    6 hours ago

    I enjoyed the movie, but it was unable to sustain the energy of this opening number giving it a slow middle, but at least ending beautifully.

  32. Strawberryfeildsforever


    6 hours ago

    Can’t believe this was only 8 minutes. The amount of world building made it seem like a short film.

    • dcoog anml

      dcoog anml

      6 hours ago

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  33. Sebastian Rdoriguez

    Sebastian Rdoriguez

    6 hours ago

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  34. Aaliyah Kay

    Aaliyah Kay

    6 hours ago

    This was amazing in the theater

  35. Kim Becker

    Kim Becker

    6 hours ago

    Looks so good can't wait to see this movie

  36. rwanzo1


    6 hours ago

    I saw the film and it was a place in the Spanish community can works toward because Spanish speaking are prejudice against Black people and especially Black women. In Texas Black people can not locate college degree jobs. For example, when a Black college degree people go into a staffing agency, we are tested and retested. When any other nationality with a college degree they are not treated in this manner. Also stop worshipping Mary Jesus mother it is Jesus that you worship.

  37. Davis Lindsay

    Davis Lindsay

    7 hours ago

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  38. yolodaasco


    7 hours ago

    ¿What does this have to do with flee the facility?

  39. G S

    G S

    7 hours ago

    I'm not even Dominican but I got a bit teary and giddy🥺💖 just like watching the movie CRA.. DIVERSITY and representation truly does MATTER.. seriously😭 looking forward to watching this!!!! One of the best opening of a musical movie!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  40. Khoi N

    Khoi N

    7 hours ago

    knew it was special when I first saw this on broadway over a decade ago. such a treat finally seeing in the heights on the big screen! simply perfection

  41. Lili’s Covers

    Lili’s Covers

    7 hours ago

    I did the musical for in the heights.. omg it was the best musical I have ever done and my favorite one!

  42. Stephany Obawole

    Stephany Obawole

    7 hours ago

    I turned it to 490 dislikes! :D

  43. rojoi kikoe

    rojoi kikoe

    7 hours ago

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  44. Brock


    8 hours ago

    I could have not been the only person devastated that they changed Blackout.

  45. M M

    M M

    8 hours ago

    I saw this film today......ITS THE BEST MUSICAL OF THE LAST FEW YEARS.....OUTSTANDING!!!!!

  46. skdjh kwejrhwe

    skdjh kwejrhwe

    8 hours ago

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  47. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah Johnson

    8 hours ago

    oh my god, freaking incredible. wondering why they cut mrs rosario out of the opening number - “enough” is one of my favorite songs!



    8 hours ago

    That bridge in the background was superimposed, it cannot be seen like that from 175 st and Audubon.

  49. Morgan P

    Morgan P

    8 hours ago

    Anyone else think Anthony Ramos would make an amazing Marius in Les Mis?

  50. Angelino R.

    Angelino R.

    8 hours ago

    It’s fire, they switched some of the lyrics like when Rosario walks into the Bodega. His wife suppose to be talking to, but this is still amazing nonetheless.

  51. Joseph Kearny

    Joseph Kearny

    8 hours ago

    Could it be anymore derivative and cliched?

    • Sue Cavanaugh

      Sue Cavanaugh

      6 hours ago

      If immigrants working hard to overcome oppression as a theme is derivative and cliched, I'm still going to like it because it's timeless and relevant to me.

    • sowintoyou


      7 hours ago


  52. Oscar Jara

    Oscar Jara

    8 hours ago


  53. Bárbara


    8 hours ago

    Perfect. That's it. This is perfect.

  54. Matt The Weeb

    Matt The Weeb

    8 hours ago

    This reminds me so much of Hamilton’s first song. Lin Manuel Miranda has such a unique style

  55. Ari Servin

    Ari Servin

    9 hours ago

    I've seen the film 3 times I love it.

  56. TheBlackRoc


    9 hours ago

    I love the Hamilton stage play but this is how they should have done the movie

    • Tasmanian devil

      Tasmanian devil

      7 hours ago

      That's what I thought it was gonna be

  57. Hadley S.

    Hadley S.

    9 hours ago

    talk about a perfect musical to adapt into a movie 😭😭😭

  58. Euro Yank

    Euro Yank

    10 hours ago

    --- These first eight minutes are pretty demanding of the viewer/listener.... Plenty of media attention to this IN THE HEIGHTS film. I've rarely been exposed to so much promo for one movie. (We'll see how well it does at the box office.) While the show was playing on B'way, I visited NYC for a theater conference. We all went to see IN THE HEIGHTS, and the guy in charge of our conference also brought (the then relatively unknown) Miranda into the conference room for a Q&A. God knows what his impression of us was, but I'm sure he got a nice honorarium for 30 minutes of intelligent, passionate schmoozing... ---

  59. Mike Storme

    Mike Storme

    10 hours ago

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  60. Ines Amaya saavedra

    Ines Amaya saavedra

    10 hours ago

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  61. Beahan Shu

    Beahan Shu

    10 hours ago

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  62. dessi wilson

    dessi wilson

    10 hours ago

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  63. ThatArtsGirl


    10 hours ago

    okay I love it all and I'm so excited to see the rest but where was Nina's mom??? why wasn't she there? I'm so scared because if they cut the role then who will sing "Enough"???

    • 「iHasEyeBrows」


      9 hours ago

      they cut some songs out sadly…

  64. The Psalms Channel

    The Psalms Channel

    10 hours ago

    What I like so far, is it doesn't come with "I'm a victim of American society ". Its more like "I'm working my but off to get a better life.

  65. Kellyn Barnes

    Kellyn Barnes

    11 hours ago

    Anthony’s delivery of “hey ya’ll good morning”. I could hear that every day. 😅

  66. Robert Prescott

    Robert Prescott

    11 hours ago

    So good

  67. 30secondstomarsMBH


    11 hours ago

    I've seen more beautiful people in the last 8 minutes than I think I've seen in my entire life, hot DAMN.

  68. Jose Andrade

    Jose Andrade

    11 hours ago

    Saw it!

  69. Zoey crur

    Zoey crur

    11 hours ago

    pr club from NYC?

  70. Lauren Waghorn

    Lauren Waghorn

    11 hours ago

    Oh my GOODNESS, literal goosebumps. This looks absolutely amazing

  71. Queen Nia

    Queen Nia

    11 hours ago

    After watching Hamilton I will literally watch everything Lin Manuel Miranda makes

  72. Sammie J.

    Sammie J.

    11 hours ago

    Lin Manuel Miranda's work ALWAYS impresses me. And I LOVE that he put Anthony Ramos in this one.

  73. edward ramize

    edward ramize

    12 hours ago

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  74. mxlazarus


    12 hours ago

    I wanna see this so bad but theaters?? whats that?

  75. The Boundless

    The Boundless

    12 hours ago

    8:13- is the best part

  76. Mofo


    12 hours ago

    bruh moment

  77. hi um

    hi um

    12 hours ago

    It's great they that released the first 8 mintues because I can't convince my parents on renewing our hbo subscription

  78. The Dude

    The Dude

    12 hours ago

    Super pumpeao por mi gente del Caribe especialmente a los de RD los mejores desos de cora de un hermanito Bori!!!

  79. Joanna Morales

    Joanna Morales

    13 hours ago

    This is the worst movie made,it tells us Hispanics cross the border take our jobs and now our streets go back to your countries

    • Razik Boston

      Razik Boston

      10 hours ago

      You're so ignorant that you are barely making sense

    • t


      10 hours ago


  80. GTO - CAL

    GTO - CAL

    13 hours ago

    Reminds me of the get down

  81. authorworld


    13 hours ago

    At a time when our country and others are "In the Height" of the pandemic, someone is trying to lull us into a sense of complacency. It's too soon to gather in large groups indoors. The numbers are being under reported. There are people around us still dying and many more are infected. Don't let them trick you for a dollar.

  82. napai ficae

    napai ficae

    13 hours ago

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  83. Landis963


    13 hours ago

    It's strange - seeing Vanessa's physical performance here sold me on her character more than just listening to the lyrics did. (from cast recordings, I mean)

  84. Ozzie Hall

    Ozzie Hall

    13 hours ago

    This is the closest I'm getting to the actual film but we take those.

  85. Branden Westbrooks

    Branden Westbrooks

    13 hours ago

    5:44 that was was my fav part

  86. spiritgirl41192


    13 hours ago

    0:45 I am so gonna have to restrain myself from screaming, *_"LIIIIIIIINNNNNN!"_* in the theater.

  87. Shelbonzo


    14 hours ago

    This movie is so incredible. First film I've seen in theaters since covid hit and was absolutely worth it. Didn't stop smiling the whole time, except during the sad bits.

  88. Maddie


    14 hours ago

    How do I watch the full movie

    • Sue Cavanaugh

      Sue Cavanaugh

      6 hours ago

      It's on HBOmax right now streaming.

    • guitaro5000


      14 hours ago

      Go to the theater.

  89. Shawn The Cyborg

    Shawn The Cyborg

    14 hours ago

    This movie was really cathartic for us homesick Latinos

  90. emily


    14 hours ago

    daya and rosa the duo i never knew i needed

  91. Ky Hartley

    Ky Hartley

    14 hours ago

    8:15 I'm sorry, but that in unison clap with 100+ people is just *Italian chef kiss*

  92. emily


    14 hours ago

    can we also appreciate jon m chu? he did amazing as the director!!

  93. Magdalis Almodovar

    Magdalis Almodovar

    15 hours ago

    Can't wait to see it..❤ . Latinos in the house in the heights.

  94. swirling 54

    swirling 54

    15 hours ago

    I LOVE this!!!

  95. Charlie Mushahwar

    Charlie Mushahwar

    15 hours ago


  96. Dmitry Bahrt

    Dmitry Bahrt

    15 hours ago


  97. Chloe Mattin

    Chloe Mattin

    15 hours ago

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